NAMI Monterey County

Providing Education, Support and Information

Who We Are

NAMI Monterey County is a grassroots nonprofit designed to support family members and others who have loved ones suffering from a mental illness. We offer programs for families and consumers, advocate on behalf of those with mental illnesses, and hold a variety of educational workshops and programs throughout Monterey County. We are affiliated with NAMI California and NAMI National.

NAMI Monterey County Mission Statement:

NAMI Monterey County offers hope and reduction of stigma associated with mental illness through education, advocacy, service access, and support for families and their loved ones living with a mental illness. To this end, the agency seeks to enhance the quality and fulfillment of their lives through wellness and recovery.

NAMI Monterey County believes in:

* Education. Education for individuals living with mental illness, their families and the community is important to dispel stigma and ignorance regarding mental illness. We believe that education and information is a vital tool to living with a mental illness.

* Advocacy. NAMI Monterey County believes in advocating for legislation and benefits for those living with mental illness. We use our voice within the state and federal system to support and improve the quality of life for those who are mentally ill.

* Service Access. Our mission is to provide up-to-date information for anyone wanting to learn about mental illness. We work closely with other local resources to provide assistance to those in need.

* Support. NAMI Monterey County provides many classes and support groups for family members and their loved ones. These classes and support groups provide a safe place for family members to get the encouragement they need and to know that they are not alone.

Latest News . . .

More than 120 people attended a three-day series of workshops in Cesar Chavez Library in East Salinas last month to hear first-hand testimony from consumers and family members about living with a mental illness.

Presenters included Dr. Rebecca Carrillo of the Monterey County Behavioral Health Department and Tomasa Avila, a recent graduate of NAMI’s Familia a Familia  class, and numerous other experts and family members during the series. The seminars also featured resource tables and presentations from representatives of various agencies and nonprofits in Monterey County that specialize in wellness.

The event commemorated Mental Health Month. The Spanish-language educational programs—the first of its kind in Monterey County—were sponsored by NAMI Monterey County in collaboration with the Monterey County Behavioral Health Department.